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Friday, January 28, 2005
  I like this lady

That's it. Just really like her.

Picture from
Thursday, January 27, 2005
I love this one.
So I bought the entire first season of Friends on DVD, and have been enjoying it (It has one of my favorite episodes on it, the one where the monkey gets away). I sort of hesitated to tell Erick that I got it, because he HATES that show, and I knew he would make fun of me. He would make even more fun of me if he knew I'll watch 3 or 4 episodes in a row (easy to do, right Chris?).

But he came in while I was watching it last night and said "Friends? What are you watching that commie show for?" Commie as in communist, of course. Whaaaat?? This is what I mean by redneck.

He immediately said, after I laughed, "That's going on your blog, isn't it?"
Tuesday, January 25, 2005
  I'm a huge dork
I just finished reading all four Lord of the Rings books again. And I still loved them, and couldn't put them down. Oh, I should also mention that I've read them at least 5 times. I'm sure it's more. Anyway.
Erick laughs at me, but there are worse things I could be doing, right? I just can't help myself.
It's also interesting to compare them to the movies, now that I've seen the extended editions of all three of those. Let me say, Tolkein did a MUCH better job on the ending of Return of the King than Peter Jackson did. I'm sorry, but the ending of that movie just sucked. All those hobbits jumping on the bed, then those 3 or 4 false endings. No, just no.
  NAMM show
My husband is in the music business, his family owns a guitar shop, so this past weekend we (and about 20,000 other people) were in Anaheim for the NAMM (national association of music merchants) show. NAMM is a pretty big deal. All of the big music companies like Fender, Marshall, Dean, etc. exhibit there, along with lots and lots of smaller companies. Many companies have famous musicians at their booths, either performing or signing autographs, so we saw Joe Satriani and Steven Segal (he's a guitarist, too), and someone that looked a lot like Ozzy Osbourne but may have just been an impersonator.

At NAMM, the entrance badges are color-coded. Red is for exhibitors, Blue is for buyers, and Yellow is for visitors. The blue and red people are actually there to do business, selling and placing orders, seeing what's new, getting new ideas for the store. The dreaded yellow-badge people, however, are there to get in everyone's way. They make the line to get a beer 20 minutes long, they make it impossible to navigate the aisles because they are snapping pictures of anything that even remotely resembles a celebrity, and they interrupt people who are trying to do business. We were checking out a new amp in one booth when one yellow-badge and his girlfriend came in with a group of friends and promptly started playing fast faux-flamenco guitar at top volume. *sigh* So we left.

But one thing that yellow-badges are good for is entertainment. I wish I could have gotten some more pictures of the outfits people were wearing. I'll post some later. There were lots of goths, people with pink hair and white faces, lots of mohawks, and lots of girls in VERY tight dresses with obvious breast implants. There was even one guy that looked a lot like an orc.

Even though we were right across the street from Disneyland, we didn’t get to go, though I spent a little time in Downtown Disney, mostly at ESPN zone watching the football game. Oh, did I say mostly? Ok, I mean only. Yeah, I sat at the bar and watched football while Erick was working. Neither game was as much of a contest as I would have thought. I knew who was going to win in both cases by the first quarter. Still fun though, and probably the last football I’ll get to watch this season, since I’m flying on Superbowl Sunday. (Sob!)
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