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Friday, September 16, 2005
  Remodeling vs. Hormones
Ugh, ugh, ugh.
We've been working on our little tiny house for a couple weeks now.
Who am I kidding? Erick and my dad have been working on our house. I've been lying around like a beached whale. The plan is to move our bedroom to the office and make our current bedroom the nursery.
I'm trying to be patient. Really. Erick worked all weekend on the room, but the problem is, he's so detail oriented that all he worked on was ONE window frame. We have the cool old windows with the wood frames and great lines, which have been inexpertly covered with many layers of white "landlord paint", including drips. Oh, don't get me wrong, the window frame he's been working on is perfect. It's just that there is another window, and THREE door frames that also need attention, not to mention that the walls need to be painted so that we can move our stuff in. Also, we have to have our stuff moved in by next week so that we can work on the other room.

So, I've been getting impatient. I keep telling Erick that the windows look fine, and to Please Move On. He just tells me, don't worry, it'll get done. But, Erick...
Please. Stop. Worrying. So I left him alone for a few days.

Well, last night I couldn't take it anymore. He told me that he wants to buy new door frames from a specialty store and install those.
Him:"They're not that expensive!"
Me:"How much are they?"
Him: "I don't know"
Me: "Don't they have to be special ordered?"
Him: "I think so."
Me: "How long will that take?"
Him: "I'm not sure."
I'm thinking, Aaaack! Don't you know I'm having a baby in five weeks or less?!?!! I don't care about the freaking door frames!

I lost it. "Look, we need to finish this and get the room painted this weekend. Oh my God, I can't beleive how much time you've already spent on this! We don't have time to obsess over this stuff. The door frames look FINE. You are not buying new ones!!!"
I was very releived when he just looked at me, turned around, then started taping off the windows so that he could paint. I think he knew I had finally reached the pregnant woman breaking point and that I would start shooting fire out of my nostrils if he didn't just listen and obey. Of course I felt bad afterwards for yelling, and then immediately sunk into insecurity and self hatred, wondering if I'm alienating everyone around me, and will anyone still want to talk to me by the time I have the baby? Mood swings. Gotta love 'em.
Upside is, the room is going to get painted this weekend and we can move our stuff in so that my dad can start on the other room. Phew.
  Blah Blah Blog
What the heck is that? The name of my good friend Joe's blog!
I'm very excited to hear (er, read) what he has to say.
Again just in case there's anyone reading this who doesn't already know Joe, check out his blog here.
Thursday, September 15, 2005
Within the last week or so, the baby has been getting the hiccups! Actually he/she has them right this moment. I had been hearing about this for a while, but hadn't experienced it, and I was wondering if I ever would.
Some people have said it's irritating, but it's not too bad. I prefer that to the wedging feet (or something) under my ribs.
The doctor has said she thinks the baby is head-down, and the hiccups would seem to confirm that, as they seem to be coming from the lower part of the giant lump.
I have one last ultrasound on Monday, so at that point we'll find out for sure if the little blighter is breech or is facing the right way.
Oh, and my mom is going to be here for the ultrasound! She's coming out (from back east) for the baby shower, and will be here until Tuesday. I haven't seen her since February, so it's very exciting.
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
  Well, it's always been one of my favorite books...
The latest quiz:
You Are Romans
You are Romans.

Which book of the Bible are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Other people will have to tell me if it's accurate, I'm not really sure. I like this one, though I wish they would have made different choices on the font color. My eyes!

via Feeble Knees
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  Fricken' Chicken
So in a continuation of the nesting, I made a whole bunch of chicken last night. I thought I would post the recipe, since it's one of my favorites, and Joe and Cindy liked it when I made it for them many moons ago. They especially like the name.
It's from The I Hate to Cook Book, by Peg Bracken. I love this book, even though I like cooking, because it has so many easy recipes, and it's very entertaining. Anyway, the recipe:

Bastard Barbecue
Take a bunch of chicken pieces and salt and pepper them lavishly. You can also use garlic salt, but I don't because Erick doesn't like it. Put them in a baking pan, sprinkle them with lots of brown sugar and put small pieces of butter (pea size or smaller) on top of the chicken. Bake them for about an hour at 375.
It is really yummy. Plus, it doesn't require anything that isn't already around the house normally.

I thought about freezing some of these, but decided that I wanted to keep the extra chicken around so that I don't have to cook dinner tonight. I might change my mind, though. I'm thinking about making some quiche. And freezing it.
I've been hearing for some time about a nesting instinct that kicks in towards the end of pregnancy. I guess for most people it involves decorating the nursery and frenzied housecleaning.
For me, it's cooking. To be specific, cooking and freezing things. A friend gave me an article a while back that suggested cooking a little extra at each meal and freezing the leftovers so you don't have to worry about cooking for a while after the baby comes. Well, that had been knocking around in my head for a month or so, and finally I started doing it. So far, I've frozen split pea soup, homemade turkey burgers (I like to mix in eggs, worcestire sauce, oatmeal and various veggies in with the ground turkey, this time it was tomatoes, onions and bell peppers), a loaf of bananna bread, and two bags of cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes work out well, since you can just pour out the amount you need and cook with them. I have so doggone many of those things growing in my backyard right now that there's no way I could eat them all.
Anyway, I've been a freezing fiend for a few days. I know that people will bring us meals, but still, it will be nice to have all this stuff pre-made.
Erick is making fun of me, though.
Monday, September 12, 2005
I've been going back and forth with my boss for a while now about what my work situation will be like after I have the baby. I asked for the ideal situation, which would be working part-time from home.
At first, he said "Fine, whatever we need to do to keep you!" He was very agreeable and supportive.
Then, he talked to his boss. She was not at all into the idea of me working from home. I've worked from home at times in the past, and it has been fine. Not many people at my company do it, so I get comments like, "Oh, are you feeling okay?" or "Are you enjoying your soap operas?" and since I've been pregnant, "Oh, you must be nesting." (This from a woman, by the way)
This really ticks me off, as I'm, you know, actually WORKING!!!!
So anyway, I met with my boss today, and we worked out a compromise. I will work part time from home for a month after I return from maternity leave, then the next month I'll be full time from home, coming into the office one day a week. Then, I'll come in two days a week for another month, working the rest of the time from home.
After that, I'll be back in the office full time, working from home maybe once a week.
Personally, I think this sucks. I'm glad they're working with me a little bit, but I really don't want to be putting my 6-month old in daycare full time.
My boss did say that we could "reevaluate" after the 3 month period and see if I could continue working mostly from home, so that gives me some hope.
Also, I have some other things in the works, so if those become lucrative this might not even be an issue. We shall see.
I really don't see what the big issue is, since I can do my job from anywhere, and most of the communication can be done via phone or email. It's just this attitude that if you work from home, you're not really working. Maybe I can help to change that.
Anyway, I'll have 16 weeks off before I have to come back at all, so I'm going to enjoy it.
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