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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
  First haircut
I got to give my nephew Wyatt his first haircut the other day! He's just over 1yr old, and he did really well. Here are some pictures.

Such a handsome guy!
  Marvin's adventure
Here is what our cat Marvin usually does:

Right. Just lays there like a giant sloth.
But the other night, he decided to start exploring. He jumped on the fence from the deck, went onto the neighbor's roof, then jumped over to a small trailer behind their house:

He went from the trailer to the back fence, then onto our garage, then onto our roof. He walked from the back of the roof to the front, then stood there and meowed at us. I was a little worried, because of how fat and pathetic he is, that he wouldn't be able to get himself down, but he made it okay.
I think some of his energy from his old Almaden lizard-catching, fighting days came back to him, just for a little while.
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
  What happens in Iraq affects everyone
Christopher Hitchens explains quite eloquently why the outcome of the Iraq war is important to everyone's future, and calls others on the left to account for failing to care about the real human needs in Iraq.
I would be interested to hear what those of you who oppose the war think about what Hitchens says here. Why is it so popular to promote aid to Africa, but not considered worthwhile to support what we're trying to accomplish in Iraq?
We need to consider what will happen in Iraq, and in the larger middle east, if we follow the left's advice and "bring the troops home now!" and give up.
I'm not saying that I agree with everything we've done in Iraq, or that the Bush administration hasn't made mistakes, but we're there, and it doesn't seem wise for so many among us to root for failure, or focus on the negative.
Please comment. Does Hitchens have a point? If not, where is he wrong?
  Coin operated scales
One of my favorite daily reads (or distractions) is James Lileks' Bleat.
Today, he talks in passing about coin-operated scales, which were on almost every corner in the 1920's and 30's. Plop in a penny and you would get your weight and your fortune.
They fell out of popularity in the 40's and 50's because of cheap bathroom scales and vandalism. Now they're collector's items, but only 5,000 or so of the original 750,000 exist. They were considered junk until the 70's and 80's, so they just got thrown out. Strange how trends work.
I'm trying to think what to compare these to, I guess they're kind of like those penny-flattening machines you see at any tourist location. You know, put in 50 cents and a penny, and you get a penny with a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge or something. But those aren't nearly as popular as the scales were. Is there anything comparable today?
Monday, August 08, 2005
  Gimme my 20 cents dammit!!
Pregnancy has made me more "assertive". Sometimes I think this is a good thing, other times I think it's just annoying.
Here is the conversation I had with the cafeteria cashier today:

Me: "I have the meatloaf special. I got milk instead of a soda."
Cashier: "Okaaay, I'll just charge you 20 cents extra for the milk."
M: "Well, how much is the milk, anyway, like 50 cents? Isn't that cheaper than if I bought a soda? How much is a soda?"
C: "20 cents."
M: "What? A soda costs 20 cents???"
C: "It costs us 20 cents."
M: "Whatever. What would it cost me?"
C: "65 cents."
M: "And how much is milk?"
C: "60 cents."
M: "So it's the same, right? Why should I have to pay extra?"
C: (resignedly) "okay."
Then I harrumphed and walked away, feeling vindicated.

I was right, but I normally would not have argued about 20 cents. I mean, who cares? And why hold up the line over it? That's just annoying. But there you go.
  License Plate
Saw this license plate today on the way to work:


Took me a minute, but I got it. I love stuff like that.
Sunday, August 07, 2005
  Expanding on Harry Potter
I enjoyed reading this at Birgit's blog. Imagine what the goings-on at Hogwarts would look like to Muggle parents seeing them for the first time.
I'm looking forward to more of your writing, Birgit!
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