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Saturday, April 15, 2006
  Chomping like a Champ
I'm in awe of how quickly Cary has taken to solid foods. In just a month, she's had:

And more recently, we've added yogurt, tomatoes (mixed with other things), cheese (also mixed with other things), oatmeal and blueberries!
I've made all her food so far, and I've really enjoyed it. I like to cook, so the creativity I have in cooking gets to carry over to making food for Cary. I've been using Annabel Karmel's book, First Meals, as inspiration, and sort of improvising from there.
I've always liked to make smoothies, so this morning I threw a bananna, some yogurt and some frozen blueberries in the blender, mixed some of it with oatmeal for Cary, and drank the rest myself. Very cool!
At the same time, I get sad when I see how fast she's growing, and I'm constantly amazed by how much she is changing.
Thursday, April 13, 2006
  Hacking through the Jungle
What with being pregnant, having a baby, etc, etc, I haven't been keeping up with the yardwork. Then, with all the rain, it became quite a jungle in the back yard. The positive is, our soil is really good, so everything just goes nuts.
Just before Cary was born (actually, the day before), my mom and I cleared out the yard, taking out tomato plants that had run amok. Underneath the giant tomato plants were some sad little decomposing stakes that I had tried to use to keep them up. Yeah, shoulda gotten those tomato frames.
Anyway, after we did all that work, 4 months of neglect brought back a disastrous amount of weeds. Among the weeds were some lettuce plants that came up all by themselves ( I let the lettuce I planted last year go to seed, and it was all over the yard!). Having lettuce all over the place was cool for a while, but soon, the other weeds had overtaken it.
So...Cary and I went to work:

Yes, all that green stuff is weeds. Yikes!
It's all cleared out now, and since the rain let up today, I planted some lettuce, spinach, summer squash and cucumbers.
I wish I had pictures of the cleaned out yard, but I don't yet, and it's dark out now.
Cary likes hanging out on my back while I garden. It works for a short period of time, after 15 minutes or so, she gets antsy, but that's something.
I hope I can keep up with the yardwork better now. We're going to try and get the yard more landscaped, and probably put down some material to stop the weeds. I really don't want the jungle to come back!
  Some Baby Pix
It's been too long, I know. I keep thinking this little girl can't get any cuter, but she does. Here are some recent ones:

Here we are today in one of our wraps:

And this is today also, in my friend's backyard:

This little girl has really taken to eating solids. She really likes to feed herself, or, well, dump food all over herself.

Yeah, that was fun!

Also on the list of new things, the sippy cup!!

  Evil Incarnate

Yep, that's my cat. He has taken to coming up and biting me on the leg for no dang reason at all. Last night he did it, and I freaked out and took after him with one of the throw pillows from the couch. I whacked him with it a few times, swearing profusely, I'm sorry to say. Erick was a little scared of me after that. I'm sorry, but there's just no good reason to go around biting people on the legs. It's not civilized.

Action pics:

Now, here he is getting ready to pounce on me.

And now I have him by the scruff of the neck.

I know he's just been starved for attention since Cary's been born, but I tell you, he's really pissin' me off.

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