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Thursday, August 25, 2005
I just have to say, I love James Lileks. Where else can you read about Krispy Kreme donuts, lovely father-daughter interactions, bad 70's movies, wifi headaches, and 1930's radio shows (with actual clips!), all in one article?
Always brightens my day.
What are people thinking sometimes?
My friends are planning my baby shower, and I've been getting all of the addresses together. This requires careful navigation of everyone's feelings, because if I miss someone, it will cause hurt feelings or anger that could linger for months, if not years. I'm trying to make sure I remember everyone, but I'm sure there's someone I've overlooked.
And even though I'm not planning the shower, people feel compelled to ask me all of the questions about it, instead of calling the phone number that is so conveniently on their invitation.
What is it about these kind of things that causes everyone to take everything personally? Is it just the fact that so many women are involved?
So the funniest one was someone who claims their invitation says to RSVP by August 8th. Now, the invitations were sent on August 22nd. It is obviously a typo. However, this person asked (very politely and in a concerned voice) if it was still okay for them to come?
Well, gee, unless you have some access to the time-space continuum that the rest of us lack, YESOFCOURSEIT'SOKAY!!!!!
The frustrating thing is the myriad of assumptions that may or may not have been made. Instead of just saying, "oh, this must be a mistake," they may be thinking:

  1. I was an afterthought, and got my invitation after everyone else.
  2. These people are so rude to expect that I would RSVP before I got the invitation.
  3. I think I'll call Sami and make a big deal about this instead of just ignoring it.
I must add that I am very VERY thankful for everyone who is planning this, and who is coming. What a blessing to have all of these people care so much, and buy so many great things for the baby.
I just wish certain people could use a little more common sense.

UPDATE: Feeble Knees just posted about her baby shower, which was a surprise party. Now I'm starting to think that wouldn't have been such a bad idea. I know, I know, I INSISTED on mine not being one. Also? I really like this.
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
  Littering for God!
Jon had an interesting post about an encounter at a Christian book store in which a guy told him the NIV translation is the "devil's bible".
This brought up all of the distaste I have for Christian book stores in general. I had to ask myself, why do I feel this way? I used to really like going to Berean (wow, they're online!). I remember being a new christian (and very young) and buying a bunch of tracts there. A friend and I actually took some of them down to the creek and put them on trees in an area we knew homeless people hung out. Littering for God!
It's so embarassing to think about now. I guess our rationale was "the word of God never comes back void", but I think we were awfully silly.
Anyway, we used to love going to Berean, spending hours looking through the CDs and buying special covers for our Bibles and books that simplisticly explained why evolution is wrong (WRONG!) and the earth is only a few thousand years old.
The last time I went there, about a year ago, I just wanted to get Erick a new compact Bible for his birthday. I was shocked that there was hardly anything under 80 bucks. I was also amused by the huge displays of books about why the DaVinci Code is wrong (WRONG!). "Buy this book and have ammunition when you talk to your non-beleiving friends!"
It just seemed, I don't know, so irrelevant. Is that the kind of Christian community Jesus had in mind? Somehow I don't think so.
Plus, there were all of these flowery decorations with scriptures in them, and Thomas Kinkade knockoff paintings, and Christian recipe books...
Just, bleaah.
Maybe I'm too jaded now, but I burned out on all that stuff. I guess after 14 years of being a Christian, and working at a Christian school for a couple of years, I got tired of the Christian ghetto mindset, where all your friends are Christians, and you only listen to Christian music, and only read Christian books.
And the Christian bookstore symbolizes that for me.
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