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Friday, September 09, 2005
  Highway 1, part two
Another cool thing about travelling up Highway 1 is all of the paths off the highway that you can take down to the ocean. We found a trail a couple years ago that leads to a deep cove. There's a tunnel that leads to the cove, and often there are sea otters in the water. We weren't sure if we'd be able to find it again this time, but we did, and there was even a sea otter. He was too far away to get a good shot of, unfortunately. When I tried zooming in in Photoshop, even with a high res image, the otter ended up looking like one of those fuzzy pictures of the Loch Ness Monster.

You have to hike down a dirt road to get to the cove, and I was a little worried about hiking back up, but I was okay. It's only about 1/4 mile. The tunnel:

The cove:

We found out later that this cove was used to haul in lumber when the highway was being built. It's also home to huge kelp forest, which would explain why the sea otters like it.
  Highway 1
Another highlight of our trip (scroll down for the beginning of this story) was driving back via Highway 1, one of the most stunning drives anywhere. We were stopped for a while because of roadwork, which happens pretty often because of constant landslides (a side effect of building a road on a cliff). But who cares, when the view is this stunning:

  One for Katherine

Here's a picture I took at Hearst Castle that is "very Katherine"
  Hearst Castle

On our trip, we also visited Hearst Castle, where we took a tour of the grounds and a smaller bungalow that Hearst lived in. It's really an amazing place. My favorite things are the pools. The outdoor pool:

The indoor pool:

The views aren't bad either:

But Erick really liked the wine cellar:
  Cambria II
One morning I went for a walk before Erick woke up. The fog had burned off when I left the room, but had returned by the time I got back. It was so nice to be out there with the cool breeze blowing, listening to the ocean and watching the pelicans.

As promised, here are some pictures we took on our trip to Cambria. As many drawbacks as there are to living in California (housing prices, traffic, crazy pace of life), the Pacific ocean makes up for a heck of a lot. My mom very generously gave us two nights in the Moonstone Landing hotel in Cambria. And not just any room, the room with the best view and with a jacuzzi tub and fireplace! It was really nice to have one last getaway before we have the baby.

The sunset as seen from our hotel room.

Another view from our room, after the morning fog burned off
  Gun-toting hosers
Here's Erick and Chris getting ready to go shootin'. Erick got his gun, a Smith and Wesson .357, a few weeks ago, and this was the first time he got to shoot it.
Chris is a former Marine, so he is very concious about gun safety and also instructed Erick in proper cleaning of weapons.

Of course we are going to be very careful about how we store this gun, especially with a baby on the way. Even when I look at the gun with a lock through the barrel and completely unloaded, it makes me nervous. But it is a nice weapon.
Erick especially enjoyed the fact that the barrel smoked a little after a few shots were fired.
Chris has a Luger, in case you're curious.
Thursday, September 08, 2005
  NOT barefoot...
But very pregnant.
Here you go, Katherine!
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
  Still here
Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here and doing fine. I'm planning on posting some pictures soon of our trip to Cambria (a small town on the Central Coast, near Hearst Castle).
Katherine has requested a picture of my pregnant belly from the side, and I have some of those, so I plan to post that too.
We've been really busy doing work on our house, and even though I can't help with any of it, it seems to be taking up lots of time. We're redoing both bedrooms in our 2 bedroom house, and one of them is almost done, just needing to be painted. We're going to switch our bedroom with our current office, and our current room will become the baby's room. Make sense? Good.
We've picked out colors for both our bedroom and the baby's room, so hopefully we can paint soon.
My Dad has been doing this for us, which is great, as he is THE BEST contractor ever, and therefore knows exactly what he is doing, and also because I get to see him more. He lives about 2 hours north of us.
Anyway, so I plan on posting some pictures of all the remodeling as well.
In other news, Erick recently purchased a handgun, and he finally got to go shooting with his friend Chris this weekend. I have a gun-toting picture of them, also.
That's all for now, but be looking for lots of pictures in the next few days.
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