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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
  I'm out, baby! I'm out!!
I finally met with my boss and his boss today, and gave them the ultimatum: Let me work part time from home, or I've got to quit.
It felt really good to get everything out in the open. I told them that I've never felt like I had enough to do at my job, and that I thought I could do it part time. I know my boss was not happy to hear me say that in front of his boss. I said that there was no way I was going to come back into the office full time.
They said they would reevaluate the job and think about it.
Well, it didn't take long. In fact, for once, they acted quickly. A few hours later, my boss called and said that it was going to stay a full time position, and that it was up to me if I wanted to stay. "Do you want to think about it and get back to me?" he asked hopefully.
No, I know I can't work full time.
He was dissapointed, as well he should be, since they have really invested a lot in me. A lot of training, time, etc.
So I feel a little bad, but it's a relief that it's all over.
Now on to a new adventure...
Monday, February 06, 2006
  "Are you sure she can see you?"
Ever since Cary was born, people keep asking me how much she can see. I knew that as a newborn, she could only see like 8-12 inches, approximately the distance to my face while she was breastfeeding.
But how about now?
Yesterday, I was across the room from her, and she was smiling at me, so I assumed she could see me. Her great-grandma (a nurse) wasn't sure if she could see colors yet, but I thought for sure she could. Anyway, whenever someone would ask me about it, I would say, "I'll have to look that up," and today I finally did.
I found this really cool tool called TinyEyes, where you can upload a picture and see what it would look like to a baby from a certain distance. You choose the age of the baby, choose the distance, and then upload one of your pictures.
This is what I look like to Cary from 5 feet away right now:

And this is what I look like from 2 feet away:

So I guess she can distinguish the image, but it's a little blurry. Very cool!
Sunday, February 05, 2006

Our nephew, Wyatt, is 19 months old. It is so much fun to see him interacting with Cary. We went to Erick's brother's house today for a Superbowl party, and Wyatt could not stop kissing and hugging Cary. He even got into trouble a little because he was patting her too hard, but he just wanted to be close to her and, as my sister in law said, "he's just dying to squeeze her." When I go into the bedroom to nurse Cary, Wyatt will sneak in and peek at us. He's very quiet, and even is careful to shut the door when he leaves. When she was crying tonight, he was distressed, wandering around and trying to figure out what to do. He even started crying himself!
I never was around my cousins very much growing up, so I'm glad Cary will get to be around Wyatt alot. They're just over a year apart, which of course becomes less significant as they get older. Also, hopefully she'll have a little brother or sister someday. Not soon! But someday.
I realized that not only was I an only child, but I didn't even get to be around other relatives my own age, or even many of my parent's friends kids. My parents didn't have very many close friends, partly due to the fact that we moved so much, and also the fact that my mom worked so much. Geez. No wonder I had trouble making friends in high school.
  Dread Pirate Parton
This blog is one of my favorites. It's always entertaining, but this post especially cracked me up.
Favorite quote:
I'm developing a new theory: that Dolly Parton is an enterprise run almost identically to that of the Dread Pirate Roberts. So when the Dolly Parton we know grows weary and decides to retire, she identifies a replacement who will seamlessly merge into the life of Dolly Parton and carry on the Dolly Parton name and brand, as if nothing had ever happened.

So who will be the next Dread Pirate Parton?
See for yourself, and you'll agree it makes sense.
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